What to Wear on a Snowmobile Tour

In Vermont, the weather can very greatly. We at Green Mountain Snowmobile highly suggest wearing what you would wear if you were going to ski or snowboard. Following is a list of appropriate attire to make your snowmobiling experience a memorable one in Vermont.

We supply full face helmets with shields. Guests should show up (at least 15 minutes before tour time) wearing the following:

  • Snow boots – Do not wear ski boots as these do not provide any traction. Snowboard boots are OK.
  • Warm winter coat.
  • Gloves – especially for drivers. Mittens are OK for passengers. Suggestion: Passengers put hand warmers in gloves/mittens for extra warmth.
  • Snow pants. You never know what you might run into on the trails – especially the evening tours! Jeans/pants will not protect you from the elements!
  • Balaclavas and neck scarves are always welcome as well!

A short list for a great VT snowmobile ride. Hope to see you all soon!

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